Staff Favorites

Everyone has their favorites and our enthusiastic staff have a lot to say about theirs!

Santa is Coming To Vancouver - Tanyth


   My family has a large collection of Christmas books and one of our absolute favourites is Santa is coming to Vancouver! The story is lovely and several spots in Vancouver are mentioned - Granville Island, Marpole, Gastown & Stanley Park to name a few!
With a simple story and beautiful illustrations it's a family treasure for years to come!
It gets a serious thumbs up from my 11 year old son too!!



Sushi Go! - Samantha

Serve up the best plate of Sushi for the most points! Players must craft their plates one card at a time; carefully balancing combinations of sushi to maximize their score. The twist is that after everyone's played their card, the hands are passed to the next player. Sushi Go! Is a fast-paced game for kids 8+ that is equal parts strategic, frantic and fun! The compact yet robust tin also makes it a great game for on the go.



Fireball Yo-Yo - Garrett

I hadn’t used a yo-yo in probably close to a decade when I picked up our Fireball demo and started absent-mindedly tossing it. Before I knew it, I was “walking the dog” and “rocking the cradle” like an old pro!

These yo-yos are great quality at a very reasonable price. They offer advanced features like a trans-axle system to assist with sleeping, yet are still simple enough for beginners. If you’re new to the hobby or just looking to pick up where you left off with yo-yos, the Yomega “Fireball” is a fantastic, affordable option.   


Yoga Spinner - Joanna

On top of being a great introduction for both kids and adults to yoga, I also love the fact that this just gets people moving! Like a less obnoxious version of Twister where you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't end up with a butt in your face! LOL!


Tegu Blocks - Alex

I love the concept of Tegu Blocks and the fact that gravity can no longer constrain the imagination! These magnetic wooden building blocks are intuitive, robust and fun! The sales of this toy also directly supports Honduras as well. Honduras is by far one of the most impoverished countries in the Western hemisphere and with every purchase of a Tegu toy, the company will either support the reforestation by planting 12 trees, or help provide education to children who would otherwise be working. All in all, they're fantastic toys, great for the environment and the local communities in Honduras.


Twilight Turtle - Gemma

One of my favourite toys is the Classic Twilight Turtle. It projects stars and constellations in onto the ceilings of children's rooms. What I think is great about this plush nightlight is it comes with a star guide, so parents can help kids spot constellations like "Orion". This a very calming bed time night light with a wonderfully soothing "starry night" effect.

HexBug Battle Spider - James

I often hear "where was this stuff when I was a kid?" when I work at our store and there is no doubt children these days have it good! HexBugs are great, affordable, tabletop robots for kids and this year's remote controlled 'Battle Spiders' take things to the next level. It's Robot Wars meets Lazer Tag in good, clean mechanized warfare. My favorite part is building an arena of combat; use household objects to create bases and cover and then things really get interesting!

The Battle Spiders are R/C lazer shooting robots... I needn't say more.


Picture Charades - Jenny

A great family game that has cards with pictures so any young kids who can't read can still get involved and have good time. It's also a great way to teach patience, taking turns, creativity, guessing as well as being all round excellent fun.


Prof. Noggins Trivia Games - Nicole

I am a huge fan of trivia games and educational games alike, so when I discovered these simple education and knowledge based card games I was on Cloud 9. The game is easy to understand and is a quick-play, so perfect for waiting for the ferry, your flight, or even as a way to pass the time on a road trip. The cards feature two levels: easy and hard, so if the players are in the younger age-range, there are easier questions for them to answer. Even for myself I found some of the hard questions particularly difficult, which makes it all the more enjoyable to play! They also have many different subjects to choose from; including Dinosaurs, Space, Geography, Hockey and many more, and they even feature beautiful water colour illustrations on each card. They’re affordable and incredibly educational; an excellent way to gain some knowledge.


Rubik's Cube 3x3x3 - Robert

Did you know that the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube has 43 QUINTILLION, 252 QUADRILLION, 3 TRILLION, 274 BILLION, 489 MILLION, 856 THOUSAND possible combinations?  Neither did I. It is this fact that keeps me coming back to this classic cube-puzzle over and over again.  Timeless.


X-Treme Sticker Maker - Zoe

Car stickers, flower stickers and orangutan stickers, oh my! These are all possible with the Creativity for Kids sticker maker, and my inner 6 year old self couldn’t be more excited about this toy. Who wouldn’t want to make their own stickers day and night? The possibilities of stickers are endless, with images that can be cut out magazines and catalogs if you choose. If finding or drawing a sticker design isn’t your forte, the kit comes with some great images to colour to make some fantastic stickers to decorate any space or object. As for my current 24 year old self, I couldn’t agree more, making your own stickers with the Creativity Sticker Maker is the best thing ever. 

And the fun never needs to end, because you can get refills for the tape, letting the sticker making fun go on and on.

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