For over 25 years the Granville Island Toy Company has been supporting the local community. We believe that developing positivity in the neighbouhoods that surround us will benefit both our company's longevity, but also the lives of the people we touch.

Charitable Donations

We're happy to support our local communities such as schools, hospitals and registered charities in the nearby area.  Please submit your donation request in writing, (at least four weeks in advance of your event) on the letterhead of the organization requesting the donation and include the following: 

  • Name of company, group or person submitting the request.
  • All contact information (mailing address, email address, and telephone number).
  • Registered charitable number.
  • Dollar amount requested and purpose.
  • Be specific and include all details.
  • Date of activity or event.
  • Brief description of activity, location of activity target audience and expected attendance.
  • Recognition to be provided to The Granville Island Toy Company.
  • Other information you think may be helpful.


Please note that we get hundreds of donation requests each year.  While we appreciate that every cause is worthwhile, we cannot offer support for all of the requests we receive.  Our support is restricted to applicants/events that best match our corporate giving guidelines.  Therefore, we ask for your understanding if your donation is declined. 


Please mail your donation request to:

Attn: Donation Request

The Granville Island Toy Company

3298 Main Street

Vancouver, BC

V5V 3M5

Teaching Discount

Additionally we support our local schools and other educational institutions by offering a 10% discount on any products purchased by teachers/therapists that are for educational purposes. Simply present us with your valid teaching ID during your next visit and we'll add you to our system and apply the 10% discount on all items for the classroom. For verification purposes this discount can only be applied to instore purchases.

Community Events
We're thrilled to be involved in wonderful community events all year round. They are a wonderful opporunity for us all to have some fun and spend some time with the great families in and out of our neighbourhood.