Frequently Asked Questions

Online Ordering

I saw something instore that I'd like to purchase online but I don't see it, can I still order it?
Yes! Just send us an email or give us a call at our Main Street location and we can help you complete your order.

My credit card keeps getting declined but I know there is no issue with it.  What's the problem?

Please make sure you are entering your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.  This should solve any isues with incorrect matches in our address/zip/postal code verification measures.

I saw an item that I am interested in on your website, will it be available instore?

Yes! If it is on the website we should have it in stock, however that item may not be available at all locations.  For your convenience, give us a call and we can let you know which locations have the item you are looking for in stock.

Gift Cards

Can I purchase Gift Cards online?
Yes! Just click here, and you can order Gift Cards for delivery or instore pick-up.

Can I redeem Gift Cards online?
Unfortunately we are currently unable to process Gift Card redemptions on our Online Store. Gift Cards must be redeemed at either one of our Main Street or Granville Island locations.

Returns and Exchanges

I bought the wrong thing/I changed my mind!
That's okay! You have 14 days from the date on your receipt to return your order. 
For further information regarding returns and exchanges please see this page.

My purchase is faulty/broken!
If you experience any technical problems with your purchase, we urge you to please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can resolve any issue you may have. The best way to get in touch is to either send us an email or call us at one of our stores.


Are your products the same price instore and online?
Yes, our online prices are kept up-to-date with everything in-store. Most promotional and sale prices are also reflected online, with exceptions such as our 25% Annual Sale which is in-store only.

Customs and Duty

I'm am a customer outside of Canada, should I expect to pay any extra duty on any internationally shipped purchase?

In the majority of cases, there is no duty on toys for the most part however, depending on your location your border agencies may charge you a fee for any imported goods over a certain value. Please check with you local border authorities on what you can expect to pay.  We are not responsible for any duties.