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Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway

In today’s fast-paced world, Thomas & Friends give children and families a time and place to slow down, share, imagine stories, and make new friends. They deliver messages about important values through imaginative, relatable storytelling and characters … and always in the friendliest, most engaging ways!

The Benefits of Train Play

Children learn best when they’re active and engaged. While train play may seem simplistic compared to high-tech toys, trains are actually one of the most powerful developmental toys you can give a child. It’s because of the interactive way children play with them, becoming conductors of their own worlds which they control, experiment with and journey through.


Skill-Building with Thomas

While “little engineers” are riding the rails with Thomas & Friends, they’re also developing valuable skills that will serve them well now and down the track.


Cognitive Skills

Train play is brainy business! Fitting together track, constructing layouts, and dreaming up adventures on the Island of Sodor takes creativity, logical thinking, and planning. For Thomas’ youngest friends, learning to recognize and name colors and numbers is another part of the learning fun.

Physical Skills

Train play gets little ones up and moving! They develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they make deliveries to Knapford Station, guide engines along the track, and create the best route to Tidmouth Sheds and other destinations.

Social Skills

Train play is full of feeling! As children act out stories from the Thomas & Friends books, TV shows or DVDs – or even dream up their own incredible adventures – they’re learning valuable lessons about teamwork, sharing and kindness, and becoming more aware of their own emotions, too.



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